The music program at the Welcoming School is a unique blend of both music therapy and music education. Every student participates successfully in some form of musical expression, either in a group music session, an individual music session, or in a special music group. The music activities presented are designed to be therapeutically focused or educationally focused, depending on the needs of each individual student.

Every elementary student can create their own music given a poem or dance as inspiration. Projects include creating instruments to match each type of musical sound. Students in the middle grades can be introduced to sheet music and reading musical notes. Students can improvise or arrange music from a variety of cultures in conjunction with the study of geography or world history. Projects include creating group presentations of compositions or performing.

Activities in both visual and performing arts give students the opportunity to develop skills in basic techniques and learn vocabulary and principles of individual art forms. Practice in the arts also allows students to develop their abilities to communicate with their peers and express emotions and ideas. Additionally, studying the arts can be done in conjunction with math, history and language arts lessons.